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.  International travel is too pricey for most of us these days is true, but this doesn't mean you can´t discover a new destination safe and affordable. Costa Rica is this destination for your family. It won't break your economy, English is widely spoken, and the best of all: you can explore a whole new world with your kids.

Among the activities you can do are hike through the cloud forest, relax in hot springs, or snorkel along pristine beaches, many ways to explore as a family and enjoy Costa Rica’s landscape.  Let us plan your family’s next great adventure choosing from a variety of activities that Costa Rica family offers. Rainforest, safari floats along the river or in a rafting class II or III, hikes on suspension bridges, visits to natural history museums, national parks or reserves to see animals free and interacting in the environment and not behind a glass. Your kids can tour the coastline in kayaks or do some whale or dolphin watching in the Pacific Ocean.   No one knows what your children will enjoy better than you do, and we know all Costa Rica has to offer to you.  Our all-inclusive vacation planning services guarantee that your family will have an unforgettable time in Costa Rica.
By Natalia Soto Costa Rica Itinerary

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